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The three parts of Challenge Madrid Large Distance are:

  • 1. Swimming: 3.800 metres in the Reservoir of Riosequillo (Buitrago de Lozoya).
  • 2. Cycling: 180 km with the starting line at swimming facilities of Canal de Isabel II in the Reservoir of Riosequillo (Buitrago de Lozoya) and arrival at Explanada del Rey (Madrid Río).
  • 3. Foot race: 42 km y 195 metres from the starting line at Explanada del Rey (Madrid Río) and the finishing line at Puerta del Sol.


The registration is personal and non-transferable and represents the acceptance of these Regulations.

The fees and conditions are set down in the section on Registrations. A registration is considered complete when payment has been made.

Reservations are not accepted. Registrations without payment will not be processed.


Participation in Challenge Madrid is open to sport persons regardless of nationality, federated or not, born in or prior to 1999.

Each participant takes part in the events as an individual under his/her own responsibility, having a sufficient level of physical condition and technical capacity so as to complete each segment within the cut off times established by the organization.
The organization disposes of an insurance policy for public liability as established by prevailing legislation.


Federated triathletes are covered by the Federation’s own insurance, whereas triathletes that are not federated must pay 15€ when they receive the participant identification number, in concept of One Day Insurance/Single Event Permit.


Wave starts for the following categories will be given:

  1. Male Elite
  2. Female Elite
  3. Female Age Groups
  4. Male Age Groups
  5. Non federated male and female

Triathletes must also:

  • Pass the starting line control in their call room, before beginning the swimming segment.
  • Wear the swimming cap provided by the Organization, the identification number on the arm, and the assigned chip for the register of the event. This chip will be worn on an ankle during the whole competition. At the end of the competition, the participant must turn over said chip.
  • No warming up in the starting line area, nor in any part of the swimming segment course.

The Organization will permit the use of neoprene suits in accordance with the temperature tables of the Spanish Triathlon Federation. The decision will be taken by the Technical Delegate one (1) hour before the start of the competition. For more information consult: (See Regulations 2017 Spanish Triathlon Federation).


There will be cut off times for swimming, a half way point for cycling and at T2. There will also be a cut off time at the finishing line. These times are being agreed upon with the Guardia Civil.

1st Start to T1: (1 hour 50 min swim).

2nd Puerto de Morcuera (km 51): (4 hours 35 min since start).

3rd Puerto de Navacerrada (km 88,2): (6 hours 20 min since start).

4th Near urb. La Pizarra: (6 hours 45 min since start).

5th Rotonda M503 (km 133,99): (7 hours 30 min since start).

6th Arrival a T2: (8 hours 50 min since start).

7th Finish Line KM0: (16 hours since start).


Challenge Madrid will be arbitrated by Officials (Referees) from the Spanish Federation of Triathlon and the Triathlon Federation of Madrid, and conducted under the Regulations of the Spanish Federation of Triathlon.


Each participant will receive from the Organization a bag containing:

  • A swimming cap (1).
    • Participant’s identification number.
    • Stickers with the participant’s number, 3 for the helmet and 1 for the bicycle.
  • Bags with the participant’s identification number (4). One for the cycling equipment (Bike Bag), another for the running equipment (run bag), another one for the street wear (Street wear bag), and another for Special Refreshment.
    • Identification wrist band (1).
    • A chip and a band for wearing on the ankle.


All registered participants must present their ID (Personal Identification Document) or Passport when they register for the event. They must also present the licence emitted by their corresponding National Triathlon Federation, valid for the year of the event. (Those triathletes whose Federation does not issue them with a membership card, must present a certificate issued by their Federation stating that said athlete is Federated).

In the case of not having a membership card or certificate the athlete will have to pay for a Single Event Permit / One Day Insurance in cash, when they register.


Anti-doping controls will be effected on participants that have finished in positions eligible for money prizes. Likewise, anti-doping controls could be effected by raffle on any other participant.

Registration implies consent by the triathletes to subject themselves to such anti-doping controls.


Restricted areas will be controlled by security guards from the organization and will only be accessible upon presentation of the participant’s wrist band or the corresponding accreditation.

Medical services provided by the organization along the course are authorized to withdraw any participant for medical reasons.

Any emergency vehicle that must use the bicycle course for circulation will be so allowed, indicating its position with luminous signals and sirens. In all cases the vehicle will have priority over the triathletes, who must give way to the vehicle.


This Legal Notice establishes all the conditions of use which regulate access and use of the website www.challenge-madrid.com, private ownership of Challenge Spain Events SL, who enables internet users to access the Website.

With reference to the abovementioned issues, we proceed to inform about the identification data of the service provider:

COMPANY: Challenge Spain Events SL

ADDRESS: Moll de Lleida B1 2G

CITY & POSTAL CODE: Tarragona, 43004

CIF: B55229975

The organizers of Challenge Madrid welcome you and invite you to read the following General Terms and Conditions of Use of this website and its functioning mode, which will be applicable to navigation in the website in accordance with Spanish standards and regulations currently in force.

www.challenge-madrid.com could modify at any time these Terms and Conditions of Use, therefore we advise you to visit this section periodically, in order to be informed about said changes and updates which might take place.

In order to adjust the use of the Website to criteria of transparency, clarity and simplicity, www.challenge-madrid.com informs Users that there is an email address at your disposal for contacting and consulting any questions which might arise in the future:


Users can also contact the Organization at the above indicated postal address.


All data collected in the Website will only be used by the Organizers and said data will never be sold to third parties.

Personal data collected in the Website correspond to registration data of the participants, which will be used by the Organization as mere though required registration information, as well as for each sole participant.

The Website does not store any banking data of Users.

www.challenge-madrid.com is developed by Challenge Spain Events SL, with address in Moll de Lleida B1 2G, 43004 Tarragona.


www.challenge-madrid.com reserves the right to use cookies in the Website in order to recognize and track frequent Users, with the purpose to personalize and facilitate your navigation within the Website, enabling this way automatic pre-selection of Users own language or other more specific contents.

Cookies used by the Website are related to a single and anonymous User and his/her PC at a time, and they do not provide any personal data of the User.

By means of the use of cookies, it is possible for www.challenge-madrid.com to recognize the computer navigation server utilized by the User, with the purpose to provide contents and offer preferences related to internet navigation services.


If you pay the cancellation insurance of 30€:

You can cancel your registration until 31th of August of 2017 and you will receive the 100% of the amount paid (the 30€ of the cancellation insurance and 3% administrative cost will never be refunded)

If you don’t pay the cancellation insurance of 30€:

  • Until 24 July, you will receive the 75% of the amount paid
  • From 25 July to 24 August, you will receive the 50% of the amount paid
  • No refund from 25 August onwards.

If you want to cancel your registration you do not need to give explanations nor medical certificate. Only you need send us an email to info@challenge-madrid.com.

It is not possible to transfer your inscription to another starter, race or for the next year.

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