See you in 2022!

official statement


Dear triathletes,

We hope that your loved ones, your families and you are well.

We are getting in touch with you to inform you that Challenge Madrid will not yet establish a date for its celebration in 2021. The organization does not want to create false hopes due to the situation that is still present with the pandemic caused by COVID 19.

As you already know, Challenge Madrid is an event that hosts more than 1,000 triathletes, with a very large percentage of athletes who come from different parts of the world, so we do not want to advance a date without sufficient guarantees that the event can take place out for this number of participants.

There is still great uncertainty surrounding the impact of the pandemic and also about the period of time that will be with us until the health authorities worldwide find a cure or a vaccine that allows us to carry out activities with tranquility and safety.

For all this, we ask you to be patient and to be attentive to the notifications that we will be posting based on the evolution of COVID 19. Please know that we’re doing everything we can to bring you a race in 2022.

In the meantime, take good care of yourself, train hard and soon we will meet again at Km0 of the Puerta del Sol in Madrid.

A big hug!

Challenge Madrid team

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