Can I hire a hosting package plus registration?

Yes, all this can be done through our official travel agency, Sport No Limit Travel. Visit website.

Could I rent a car during the days before and after Challenge Madrid?

Yes, the organization will publish the rent a car official company in advance with special prices for the participants in Challenge Madrid. Visit website.


What is the Parking option?

All the triathletes and companions, of Challenge Madrid and Sierra Oeste Swin Challenge, can hire the parking service to park the vehicles on the 26th and 27th near the exit of T1.

The price of one place will be € 20 for caravans (including water and electricity), € 5 for vehicles and € 2 for motorcycles. The parking space can be purchased by picking up the bib number on September 26th. The organization will give them a sticker that they must put on the vehicle and that must be clearly visible to the access control personnel. Limited places

Does the parking service also include being able to park the vehicles in central Madrid?

No, this service is only for the parking area that is located near the T1.

At what time I can leave my car?

Saturday 26:
16:00 to 21:00

Sunday 27:
05:30 to 08:00
10:00 to 12:30
14:00 onwards

For access information consult the program of the event.

How can I hire the Parking Service?

Through our website or you can hire it on the day of collection of numbers (as long as there are available places).

Aid Stations

What is the Additional Aid Station for the bicycle segment?

The triathletes who participate in Long Distance may leave the organization a bag with their bib number on the same day of the race (Sunday 27). This bag will be transported to the aid station located at Km 135 of the cycling segment. The delivery of this refreshment will be on Sunday 27 from 6:00 to 7:30 in the T1.

Can I use the Additional Aid Station if I participate in the Middle of the cycle segment?

No, it’s only for triathletes who participate in Long Distance.

Bag Special Aid Station will be delivered after the event?

No, please do not include any item of personal value in this bag, being that when the aid station is used the organization will deposit all the bags in a recycling container. The organization is not responsible for the theft or loss of any object that has been left in it.

Can I receive supply of liquid and/or solid by a family member, friend or trainer in run course?

Yes, the organization will provide a personal refreshment in the run course, specifically in the aid station Powerade Zone 5, which is located at the intersection between Calle San Quintín and Calle de Bailén. For this, the triathlete must deliver to Challenge Madrid the document to authorize the entry of his companion in the Powerade aid station, the document must be:

  • Sent to the ATTENTION OFFICE of the TRIATLETA:
  • Delivered at the time of collecting the bib number.
What will they give me in each aid station?

The content of the Aid Stations will be sent to all registered through the newsletter for the month of September.


Where is the T1?

200 meters from the Playa Virgen de la Nueva, San Martín de Valdeiglesias.

Where is the T2?

On Paseo de la Casa de Campo 5, Pozuelo de Alarcón.

Do I have to take the Run bag to T2?

Yes, you must leave it in T2 on Saturday, September 26th once you have collected your bib number.

What equipment must I take for the check-in in T1?
  • The bike with the bib number sticker fixed.
  • The helmet with yout bib number stickers fixed (one at the front and another on the left-hand side).
  • Wearing the participant’s wristband.
  • The green Street wear bag that will be transferred by the organization to the Finish Line at Puerta del Sol.
  • The Bike transition bag (blue) with his numbered sticker on the outside and with the equipment you will need:
    • COMPULSORY: helmet (it cannot be left on top of the bicycle, it must go inside the bag).
    • OPTIONAL: cycling shoes and clothes (if you prefer to change), gels, water-bottles, sunglasses, sun cream, etc.
How do I recover the Bike bag?

Do not have to go back to T1, the organization responsible for carrying all the bags left in T1 to T2 and Finish Line. That is, once the race is over you will find your bike bag in T2 and your Street wear clothes in the Finish Line.

Transitions have security?

Yes, T1 and T2 have private security 24 hours a day.

Until what time can I collect my material from T2?

The T2 that is located in Paseo de la Casa de Campo 5 (Pozuelo de Alarcón) closes at 00:30.


When can I collect the chip?

The chip will be delivered on Sunday 27th in the T1 to the opening of boxes for the Long and Middle Distance.

Long Distance chips collection: 06:00 to 07:30

Middle Distance chips collection: 10:30 to 12:30

Where do I deliver the Chip?

The chip will be delivered in T2 when the triathlete finishes the competition and collects the material.

Provision of Bibs

Where is the provision of bibs?

In the Official Hotel of Challenge Madrid located a short distance from the T2 in Pozuelo de Alarcón.

What material will be given in the provision of bibs?
  • A bib.
  • A tattoo with my bib number.
  • Two stickers with my bib number for the helmet.
  • A sticker with my bib number for the bicycle seatpost.
  • Two stickers with my bib number for the transition bags.
  • A sticker with my bib number for the cloakroom.
  • An identification bracelet.
  • A swimming cap.
  • Two transition bags plus the gift backpack.
  • A green bag Wardrobe (other bags are not collected the Sunday before the competition).
  • One ticket pasta party.
What documentation must I provide on the collection of numbers?

You have deliver the ID and the federal license in the case to be federated.

Can another person pick up my bib?

Yes, as long as you have sent an email to and the person who picks up the bib carries an authorization and a photocopy of the triathlete’s ID.


What transfers do I have included in my registration?

Transfer Finish Line – T2 (Sunday, September 27th)

What additional transfers can I hire?

You can contract with the additional payment of € 50 the following transfers:

  • Bike transfer Sunday September 27th from the Official Hotel to T1
  • Official Hotel at T1 on Sunday, September 27th
  • T2 to Official Hotel on Sunday, September 27th (after picking up your material)
Can my companion use the transfers?

No, free transfers can only be used by the triathlete. Unless you hire the transfer package for companions for the price of 15€, which includes:

  • Official Hotel at T1 on Sunday, September 27th
  • T1 to T2 on Sunday, September 27th
  • T2 to Official Hotel on Sunday, September 27th
Does my bicycle have to be ready to ride on the bicycle transfer on Saturday and Sunday?

Yes, the bicycles will be transported already assembled. Challenge Madrid works with a company specialized in bicycle transport company to perform these services.


Is the use of neoprene mandatory?

Everything depends on the water temperature. The decision will be made by the Technical Delegate one hour before the start of the race.

Age groups: athletes of 50 years of age or older are allowed to wear neoprene regardless of the water temperature.

Can I warm up in the water before the start of the race?

No, you can not warm up in the starting area or anywhere that corresponds to the swimming circuit.


What positive climb has the cycling segment?

Long Distance 2.400 meters.

Middle Distance 1.200 meters.

What is the track of cycling?
Will roads be cut off from traffic?

Throughout the cycling circuit the lane where the race will pass will be closed to traffic. The organization will place traffic cones between both lanes that will divide the roads into two. That is to say, never the vehicles will circulate in the lane of the triathletes.

What type of bicycle can I use?

Only time trial and/or road bikes are allowed. The use of mountain bicycles or hybrid bicycles is not allowed.

Can I use bicycles with disc brakes?

Yes, the use of bicycles with disc brakes is allowed.

Run course

Is it permissible for a family member, friend or technician to accompany me through the circuit?

No, they can encourage you, but not running with the triathlete.

Can I enter the finish line with companions?

Yes, 100 meters before the finish there will be a Meeting Point for family or companions who wish to enter the finish line next to the triathlete. Obligatoryly the companions must leave the enclosure once crossed the Line of Meta.


What is the modality of relays?

It is a competition for teams formed by 2 or 3 components. The competition will take place in Long and Middle. Normally the teams are made up of three people who complete one the swim segment, another the bicycle segment and the last the run segment.

How do the transitions work for the relays?
  • The chip is fitted to the swimmer’s ankle.
  • When the swimming is finished, the swimmer goes to pits in the designated place where they will find the team’s bicycle. The cyclist will be waiting for them there already changed, with the bib on. The swimmer must pass the chip to the cyclist.
  • When the cyclist finish their segment, he must go and leave the bike in the transition area, where the already-changed runner will be awaiting them. Once the bike has been hung up, the chip and bib will given to the runner.
  • Once the runner has the chip and bib, he/she can start to run.
  • 100 metres before the finish, the other team members can run alongside them and they can all cross the finish line together.
What materials will give me the organization if I participate in relay?
  • Swimming cap (for the swimmer).
  • A tattoo with the team number (only worn by the swimmer).
  • One bib (the cyclist and runner exchange it).
  • Two stickers for the cyclist’s helmet (one for the front and one for the left-hand side).
  • A Chip with a neoprene band for the ankle (all members of the team must wear it). It will be used as a baton.
  • Two transition bags with two numbered stickers (cycling and running) to leave the equipment in after each seg- ment. However, each relay team member may be already changed when their partner passes the baton.
  • 3 wristbands (one for each team member).

The rest of actions (collection of numbers, check-in, chip collection, special aid station, etc.) is the same as for the rest of the participants.


What is the Declaration of Responsibility?

Any person who wishes to participate, individually or by relay, in Challenge Madrid Long and Medium Distance, will be at their own risk and responsibility. In this sense, the participant must accept the responsible statement at the time of registering online.

What are the cutting times?

You can find them in the following link.

What should I do if I do not overcome the cuts?

The organization has vehicles that will go to the end of the race to pick up the triathletes that have been cut. The organization will withdraw the dorsal to the cut triathlete and it will be their option to use the vehicles that will take you to the T2. In case of not using it, it will be your own responsibility and you will go with open traffic without protection of the organization and Police.

IMPORTANT: if the triathlete is cut in the section that passes through the M-501 road It will be mandatory to use vehicles of the organization and it will be totally forbidden to stay in the race. Non-compliance will be subject to sanctions.

If I am not federated how do I contract the day insurance?

The day insurance for Long and Middle costs 15 euros. You have to hire the day you make the inscription, if for some reason you did not hire it, you should contact

If I am federated I have to hire insurance day?

No, if you have a triathlon license you should not hire day insurance.

Is there a waiting list once the places are sold out?

Yes, for this you must send an email to

At no time will the organization publish the list or report the position in which each person is.

What do I have to do if I want to change some personal information of the registration?

You must send an email to a with the information that you want to change.

Can I give my registration to someone else?

No, registration is personal and non-transferable.

Is there a location for Lost & Found belongings?

Yes, the organization will send all lost items to the office (C/ Sánchez Pacheco, 47 – Dup. Local 2 28002, Madrid). The triathlete who wants to recover his material should go to the office or contact to
The organization will not assume the shipping costs.