The present Regulation will be applied to the race called: “SIERRA OESTE SWIM CHALLENGE” to be held in the Pantano de San Juan, (Pelayos de la Presa) on September 21st, 2019 and whose Organization corresponds to CHALLENGE MADRID U.T.E.

In the event of any doubt about its interpretation, the final decision of the Organization will always prevail.

All participants with their registration accept this Regulation in its entirety.

The organization reserves the right to make changes in the present regulations if it considers it, being communicated through the web to the participants.


The swimmers must be prepared 15 minutes before on the “starting line”.

It is mandatory to wear the swimming cap on your head until you cross the “finish line”.

On the use of swimsuits will apply the rules of the “FINA”.

The use of neoprene will not be mandatory, but recommended.

The use of paddles, mittens, fins, booties, snorkel or any other type of material will not be allowed.


The race will be open to all those interested in participating, whether or not federated, who are in physical faculties to participate.

There will be 2 different starts, one of 1,900 meters and another of 3,800 meters.

In the 1,900 meter race the participation will be from the age of 11.

In the 3,800 meter race the participation will be from the age of 16.


The communication of the organization with the registered person will be made through the contact channels provided in the registration form. The Organization will assume that this communication process is being supervised by an adult and that the information transmitted through these channels is being correctly assimilated by the minor.

Each participant must identify himself to the organization at the time of the collection of bib numbers by DNI or Passport and must present the corresponding authorization of minors signed by the father, mother or legal guardian (hereinafter Authorizing Person) who will know all the conditions of this regulation.

The authorizing person will give agreement that the participant complies with all the conditions included in this regulation and will confirm that the minor’s health status allows him to complete the proposed race.

The organization is not obliged to carry out any checking of the state of health, physical condition or training. Participation in the Event will be entirely and exclusively the responsibility of the authorizing person.

The registered person will be covered by an insurance policy arranged by the Organization. The insurance will not cover pathologies or latent injuries, imprudence, negligence, non-observance of the laws or of the Rules and Regulations, etc. nor the accidents that may occur during transfers to and from the place where the race will be held. The Authorizing Person may obtain a copy of the terms and conditions of the referred insurance policy by requesting it from the organization via email.

The Organization, any company, group and / or person that provides a service for the event, or that in any way collaborate in the Event, will not be liable to the person registered for any type of loss, damage, cost or claim, and is direct, indirect or that may result from participation in the Event, the transfer to and from the Event or any personal property that the person enrolled carries or uses in the Event.

During the Event, the registered person will be able to receive medical attention and advice from the medical personnel designated by the Organization for the Event and, where appropriate, the Organization will assure its transportation to and assistance in a hospital.

The person enrolled through the Authorizing Person has the right to refuse medical attention and advice from the medical staff of the Event.

If the medical staff of the Event considers and motivates the Organization that participation in the Event may pose a risk to the health of the person enrolled, the Organization will exclude it from the Event.

If necessary, the personal data of the registered person that constitutes medical information (either information referring to their condition or physical or mental health) can be computerized only by the medical staff of the Event to give medical assistance in the Event; said process shall only be carried out by the medical personnel subject to the duty of professional secrecy together with the rest of the guarantees provided in the applicable legislation.


For any of the distances all participating minors will have to submit the duly completed child authorizations. This document will be accessed.

The authorization minors must be:

  • Sent to the TRIATHLETE’s OFFICE:
  • Delivered at the time of picking up the bib number.

The bib number will not be given to those people who do not present the Authorization of Minors duly signed at the moment of the collection of the same.


Any person wishing to participate in Sierra Oeste Swim Challenge 2019, 3.9km or 1.9 km will be at their own risk and responsibility. In this sense, the participant must provide the organization with a responsible declaration according to the attached model.

The responsible declaration must be:

  1. Sent to the ATTENTION OFFICE of the TRIATLETA:
  2. Delivered at the time of collecting the bib number.

If the person does not provide the responsible declaration when the bib number is being collected, he/she will not be able to take part in the Sierra Oeste Swim Challenge 2019.


The start of the 1,900 meters race will be at 18.00.

The start of the 3,800 meters race will be at 18.15.


The inscriptions will be made compulsorily on the race page:

The registrations will open on January 1st, 2019 and will close on September 16, 2019.

The price of registration is outlined in the web for each distance.

The payment will be made “online” through Credite Card (banking system of secure payment and without any risk for the participant).

The price of the registration includes: Participation in the swim crossing; one day insurance; custom silicone cap; Isotonic drink and water; piece of fruit; rescue teams; and health services, others to be determined by the organization.

Inscriptions will not be accepted the same day of the race.
The inscriptions are personal and non-transferable, it is not possible to change the participant.

In case of withdrawal, the refund policy of the registration platform will be followed and only July 31st, 2019.

If the organization detects any type of fraud or anomaly, its participation will be directly vetoed.

The organization reserves the right to admission.

The collection of the bib number will take place in the Pantano of San Juan, Playa de la Virgen Nueva on September 21st, 2019 from 16:30 to 17:30 hours.


The return policy will be as follows:

  • 50% of the amount paid if you cancel before June 30th.
  • 25% of the amount paid if you cancel before July 31st.
  • No refund after August 1.

If you purchase the cancellation insurance (5€), you will get 100% return if you cancel before July 31st.


The participation limit is set as follows:

  • Race of 1,900 meters: 300 participants.
  • Race of 3,800 meters: 300 participants.


1.900 mts RACE (men and women):
1º – Trophy
2º – Trophy
3º – Trophy

3.800 mts. RACE (men and women):
1º – 150 € + Trophy
2º – 100 € + Trophy
3º – 50 € + Trophy

There will also be conmemorative medals for all participants.


The trophies will be awarded at the Pantano de San Juan when the sports tests are over.

After the race, a meal will be held for all the participants, collaborators and companions who will be able to acquire their “Food Ticket” for 5 euros.


Both the classifications and the electronic timing of the event will be done through the system called “chip”, which will be delivered by the Organization when the swimmer bag is removed. The “NO RETURN” of the Chip will mean an amount of 10 euros.

The Organization has the corresponding insurance and will be controlled at all times by personnel in motorboats and canoes of the Madrilenian Federation of Rescue and Lifeguard, as well as Civil Protection, Ambulance and health personnel.

The Organization warns and recommends that the test must be performed by people with capacity, health conditions and sufficient preparation for its proper development.

The Organization is exempt from any responsibility for the damages that the participation in the voyage could cause to the participants or to third persons, assuming these with their registration the full responsibility of them.


The Organization reserves the right to modify the circuit, schedule or make the decision of “suspension of the race by force majeure”, in this case, the amount of the registration would not be reimbursed.


For all that is not provided in this Regulation there will be a “Technical Director” and an “Organizing Committee” composed of a representative of the City Council of San Martín de Valdeiglesias and a representative of the registered swimmers.


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