Dear friend:

As you know on September 27th, 2020 will take place in different locations of the Community of Madrid the 5th Edition of “Challenge Madrid”, a world class triathlon with a total distance of 226 km, becoming therefore the new member of Triathlon World series of Challenge Family.

For the proper development of the event, it is essential to have the effort and support of all. Volunteering is a fundamental manifestation of social initiatives, a major expression of solidarity from freedom and altruism.

Spanish Law 45/2015, of October 14th, on Volunteering, includes, among others, as specific characteristics of volunteer activity the commitment, gratuity and selfless delivery of time, skills and knowledge.

The action of volunteering remains with the Law completely demarcated from any form of paid service provision, be it civil, labor, civil or commercial. This difference between volunteering and salaried worker also establishes a picture of rights and duties of volunteers.

Volunteering must comply with the commitments acquired, save, when appropriate, confidentiality of the information received. In short, act diligently and in solidarity. You must participate in the training tasks planned by the organization in a specific way for the activities and functions entrusted.

Volunteers will receive information, training, guidance and support. You will be treated without discrimination, respecting your freedom, dignity, privacy and beliefs. Participate actively, collaborating with the organization. You will be insured against accident risks arising directly from the exercise of your voluntary activity. You will have an accreditation identifying your status as a volunteer. It will carry out its activity in the proper conditions of safety and hygiene. You will obtain the respect and recognition for the social value of your contribution.

From Challenge Madrid we want to thank you in advance for all the efforts you make and, however small they may seem, they are all important and essential.

For any questions or queries you can send an e-mail to the email address

Here you can also find the volunteer questionary that you must complete.

Thanks a lot and a big hug!

Challenge Madrid Team